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Monday, December 21, 2015

Aliv Ladoo (Watercress seed Ladoo)

Aliv Ladoo (Watercress seed Ladoo) -

Ingredients -
  • Aliv / Ahaliv (Watercress seeds) - 1 bowl (Bowl of size 150 ml.)
  • Grated fresh Coconut which is grated immediately after breaking Coconut - 4 bowls
  • fine Kesar Jaggery flakes - 2 and 1/2 bowls
  • Ghee - 2 teaspoon

Method -
  • First sieve the Aliv (Watercress seeds) with a fine pored sieve and then clean it with hands by picking and removing the waste in it.
  • Measure the selected Aliv (Watercress seeds) and put it in a pan.
  • Then grate fresh Coconut immediately after breaking it. Immediately put that grated coconut on the Aliv (Watercress seeds) in pan and mix it well with spoon. Then put a lid on the pan and close it so that Aliv (Watercress seeds) gets soaked in the wetness of Coconut.
  • After some time add fine Jaggery flakes in it and again mix it well with spoon and close it with lid.
  • Keep that mixture closed for next twelve hours, so that Aliv (Watercress seeds) gets soaked in the wetness of Coconut and some of the Jaggery also dissolves in it.
  • Then take a pan having thick bottom and keep it on low flame and add Ghee in it. Then add the soaking mixture of Aliv (Watercress seeds), Coconut and Jaggery in it and stir it to saute it well on low flame.
  • While stirring the mixture with spoon take care that all the Jaggery is dissolved in the mixture and there is no big piece of Jaggery remained in it.
  • After sauteing the mixture well, keep the lid on the pan to let the mixture steam well, so that Aliv (Watercress seeds) becomes big due to moisture.
  • When the mixture starts to become dry after cooking of Aliv (Watercress seeds), take down the pan from the flame and make ladoos by rolling it in hand after the mixture cools down slightly.

     As no water or milk is used to soak Aliv (Watercress seeds) for making these type of ladoos, these tasty Aliv ladoo lasts for at least fifteen to twenty days in the city like Mumbai which is having humid climate.

Note 1 - If you want more sweet Ladoos, then you can add half bowl of Jaggery flakes in the mixture made in the same proportion given above.
Note 2 - If the Coconut is already broken 5 to 6 hours before use, then while adding it to the (1 bowl of) Aliv (Watercress seeds) after grating, you can add about 5 teaspoon of water in it, which is just sufficient for the wetness of Coconut, so that Aliv (Watercress seeds) will get soaked in it properly. But afterwards the mixture should become well dry while sauteing it, so that ladoos will last for fifteen to twenty days.

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