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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Chirota in Sugar Syrup

Chirota in Sugar Syrup -

Ingredients -
For Dough of Chirota -
Maida (i.e. fine wheat flour) - 3 bowls (bowl of size 150 ml.)
salt - 1/4 teaspoon 
hot Ghee or hot oil - 3 tablespoon

For Sata (i.e. spreading paste) -
One and half teaspoon Ghee
corn flour - 3 teaspoon 

For Sugar Syrup -
Sugar completely filled in bowl having size of 250 ml.
250 ml. water
saffron or saffron syrup for taste (optional)
cardamom powder or cardamom syrup for taste (optional)

For frying -
Ghee or oil

Method -
  • Add salt and hot ghee / oil in Maida (i.e. fine wheat flour) and then by adding water to it knead it to a thick consistency dough. Keep that dough for at least an hour to soak well.
  • For making sata (i.e. spreading paste) add ghee and corn flour together and mix it well to make a paste.
  • For making sugar syrup add sugar into water and keep that vessel on flame for boiling to make syrup having two thread consistency (i.e. soft ball stage). (Later this syrup becomes thick after adding chirotas in it.) After turning off the flame add saffron and cardmom powder to it for flavor.
  • Then take well soaked dough of maida (i.e. fine wheat flour) and divide it into small balls having same size.
  • Then take one of the ball and roll it flat to make a thin roti, after that keep that roti in a dish and spread the sata (i.e. spreading paste) on it everywhere evenly.
  • Roll the second ball to make a thin roti. Then keep that second roti on the first roti in the dish on which sata (spreading paste) is applied already. Then apply sata (spreading paste) on second roti by spreading it everywhere evenly in the same manner.
  • Thus keep total five rotis on one another on each of which sata (spreading paste) is applied. Then apply sata (spreading paste) on the fifth roti by spreading it everywhere evenly in the same manner.
  • Then roll those five rotis together. While rolling it apply some sata (spreading paste) with each fold on the lower side of lowest roti on which sata was not applied before. Also close the end of of roll well applying spreading paste of sata.
  • Then cut that roll to make small pieces of it.
  • Then keep one piece on rolling board so that the spirals of rolls will come facing upper side and lower side on board and then flatten that piece with slight pressure of hands on flattening roller.
  • After flattening of the pieces is done, add ghee or oil in pan and keep the pan on low flame to heat it. After heating the ghee or oil well, put flattened pieces in it to fry the chirotas.
  • Fry the chirotas on low flame. While frying put the ghee /oil on chirota with the help of slotted spoon so that chirota fries properly spreading well. (When the flattened piece comes up after putting it in oil, at that time after slightly pressing it with slotted spoon for a minute so that it will not touch the bottom of pan but immerse completely in ghee / oil, the piece fries properly and the chirota spreads well.) While frying chirota turn the side of it and fry that side well after frying it's first side well. Thus fry the chirotas till it turn to slight pink colour.
  • Drain the ghee / oil from the fried chirota and put that hot chirota immediately in the sugar syrup, then immediately turn it's side with the help of slotted spoon in the sugar syrup, so that the sugar syrup enters in it well from all sides.
  • After putting the first chirota in sugar syrup, keep it in the syrup till the second chirota fries. Take out first chirota from syrup and keep it vertically in the sieve for draining of syrup, after putting the second fried chirota in sugar syrup. Thus fry all chirotas and put in the sugar syrup for some time and then take out of it, then keep them vertically in sieve for draining the syrup.
  • Serve the chirotas after cooling.
Note - Chirotas will be ready in short time, if there is one more person for help while making chirota.

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