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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fragrant Memories

       Few days ago suddenly my attention was sought by a fragrance spread in surroundings. That fragrance was familiar to me. That mild fragrance was getting used to do splash. It's smell was mind pleasing and the shape of it's bottle was also characteristic. One by one memories from my past were awakened by that fragrance and I lost in it.

     There was Spider lily's plant in our garden during my childhood. At evening time of four thirty to five I was plucking that lily's buds and bringing them in home and putting them in glass filled with water. After some time the petals of those buds were started separating and those buds were blooming spreading fragrance.

     The second smell that became familiar to me at early childhood was that of Dill (Shopa). Earlier the Dill (Shopa) water was given to justborn babies, the smell of it and that of baby powder was feeling nice. That time we had a container of scented powder which was given as a gift by someone. The scent of that powder was so strong, that just by that smell my head was started to aching. Just like that when the flower of green champa (Ylang Ylang Vine) was being brought in home, I was feeling it's continuous scented smell as unwanted.

     The fragrances of other flowers were feeling delightful to mind, left alone the flower of green champa. One of them was Screw Pine (Kevada). At sometime when I was small there was a kevada leaf among the leaves brought for worship. At that time that white leaf appeared quite different, so I observed by picking it up and catched it's mild fragrance. Then I isolated that Kevada leaf from other leaves for me and smelled it. After asking for it's name I came to know that, 'It's Kevada and snakes come in woods of kevada due to it's scent.' Then while going into the garden after putting that kevada leaf in hair, the thought was continuously coming in mind that suddenly one of the snake will come in front due to the scent of kevada.

     In past a garland seller woman used to come to us. She was having Arabian Jasmine (Mogara / Bela) garlands with her but mostly River Jasmin's (Jui) garlands were also there with it. The delicate flowers of Jui / jasmine and their mild fragrance was being overcoming on Mogara / Bela and we were purchasing jasmine garlands from her. But when we had to go through hot sun of full summer, that time all the exhaustion caused by hot sun was getting disappeared by the smell of Mogara / Bela flowers from the garland sellers selling garlands by sitting on the side of road. In past the bundle of Khus was purposely brought and put in earthen mataka to drink cool scented khus water during summer. Khus curtains were being put up in some people's houses to keeping cool from the heat of summer. In all this environment strongly spreading scent of mangoes had been feeling very wanting, also it has been feeling wanted today.

     The fragrance of soil spreading in environment cheers our mind when the rain drops fell on land heated by sun. When I was travelling through train, some women were coming to sell their fragrant flowers like Golden champa (sonchafa), Butterfly ginger lily (sontakka) after the starting of rain, my mind was being pleased by the fragrance of those flowers. At that same time the plant of Coral Jasmine (Prajakta / Paarijat) in our garden had been being fully bloomed and it's mild fragrance had been being catched. At that same time the Passion flower had been being bloomed with scented flowers. We had our first Orchid cactus (Brahmakamal) bloomed in rainy season and at that time I had shot the photos of that fragrant flower by standing in full rain.

     Just by the aroma of tea prepared by putting Ginger or Lemon grass we feel lively after coming soaked in rain. If by mistake we smelled onion pakodas, then the demand of making onion pakodas is done in home. In past getting attracted by the smell of roasted maize ears we had been being purchasing maize ears without any mistake. The lemon dipped in salt had been being applied on the roasted ear. The fun of eating that roasted ear has been being feeling quite different. After the rain was becoming being little less, then it had been being started the line of festivals. The spreading fragrance of flowers in home, scent of burnt camphor in front of God, the smell of dishes made for making an offering to God and people eating a meal on banana leaves in rows with spreading scent of incense sticks (udabatti) all for the purpose of festival was having it's own mind pleasing smell.

     There had been being Hom (the holy fire), havan (rituals about holy fire) in the house of some people in the days of Navaratri when the rain was over. The spreading aroma of smoke of Holy Fire / hom and Incense / Dhoop had been being delighted to mind. To prevent mosquitoes from coming inside home we were purposely burning aromatic incense at the time of evening. After that when Diwali was approaching, then the aroma of tasty dishes was spreading in air. We were being specially fond of the smell of Chakali's Bhajani (The Flour of roasted spicy grains) in all that. The children had been starting to burn fireworks before the beginning of Diwali, though the smell of burnt firework's gunpowder is poisonous, that time we were fond of it. The Diwali was becoming fragrant due to fragrant Utane (Mixture of Powder of aromatic plants), aromatic oil and fragrant soap all of that brought for Diwali.

     At some times the surroundings were becoming fragrant due to the spreading fragrance of Night blooming Cestrum (Rat - Rani) from the garden of the neighbours. The other neighbour was having a vine of Rangoon Creeper (Madhu Malati). In past there was a vine of Pink jasmine (Gulabi Chameli) and a plant of Gardenia (Anant) in our garden, people from nearby buildings were coming to pluck the fragrant flowers of both. Apart from that when the flowers like Tuberose (Rajanigandha / Nishigandha), Scented Roses (Desi Gulab), Spanish Cherry (Bakuli) were being brought at home, then by their fragrance the surroundings were becoming delightful. Once I had got to see the inflorescence of Cashew, all the surroundings around it were became fragrant by it's spreading scent.

     Once when I had gone into the store which had got government's permission, the things made of sandalwood were kept for sell on one floor in the store and the whole surroundings were became fragrant due to the spreading aroma of sandal. I had bought sandal jewellery from that shop. Sandal is applied to god by making it's paste, also Ashtagandha (Paste of eight aromatic things) is applied for same. The Ashtagandha which is prepared by using aromatic things like Sandalwood, Khus etc. is having aroma stronger than that of sandalwood. When the Ashtagandha is being applied to God, a strong fragrance like that of a incense stick (udabatti) is being spread in whole house. But Red Sandalwood is having mild fragrance. In many cosmetics the fragrance of Red Sandalwood is being used, the mind becomes tranquil due to that scent. The smell of Lavender oil also makes our minds tranquil.

Sandal Jewellery
     But the smell of Coffee is being stimulating. In past when I was used to go by a road, the smell of grounded coffee seeds was being spread far outside from a store along that road. The coffee prepared by using Nutmeg is having it's different scent and flavour. Each spice like Cardamom, Clove, Cinnamon, Indian Bay leaf (Tamalpatra) is having it's own smell and flavour. Our appetite is stimulated by the delicious spreading smell of the dishes made by using these spices. The spreading smell of Pulao is coming due to the spices used in it, as well as by the fragrance of Basmati Rice in it. Except fragrant Rices other grains do not have much smell, but when these grains are roasted and ground into spicy flour (Bhajani) for making Thalipeeth, then comes it's delicious smell. For this smell the scent of coriander seeds, cumin seeds is also responsible. Cumin seeds, Fennel seeds, Ajwain seeds, Coriander seeds, Dill seeds all these seeds from family of coriander have their own scent and flavour. Coriander, Mint (Pudina), Kasuri Methi (type of Fenugreek) are used in some specific dishes because of their smell. The vegetables like Fenugreek, Dill (shepu) are having strong smells, these vegetables do have specific tastes because of their smells. When the Brinjal is roasted and it's bharata is prepared, then it's well rosted delicious smell spreads in the air. The specific spices in the vegetables like Pav Bhaji and Undhiyu are mainly responsible for the smell of these vegetables which are made by mixing vegetables. Though Onion and Garlic have their own pungent smell, we feel tongue stimulating smell of the dishes when Onion and Garlic are used in it by using specific method while cooking. In addition to this fruits also have their own spcific smells. The scent of fruits like Lemon, Orange etc. which are from citrus family makes our mind feel fresh and energetic. The sweet smell of fruits like Mango, Guava, Jackfruit, Pineapple, Musk Melon remains for longer time in the air and we wish to eat those fruits. When the fruits like Papaya, Custard Apple, Bullock's heart (Ramfal) have been cut, then their scents have been felt strongly. By the smell of Coconut, sometimes it is felt like coming in temple. In addition to these smells the noteworthy smell is that of making of ghee by boiling process. All these smells do have a specific place in my life.

     Some more smells which I was used to like at my childhood were, smells of oils which are used in medicines like Eucalyptus Oil and other oils which are obtained from plants, smells of some liquids which are used for sterilization, smells of Petrol and Paints!

     Though most of the fragrances among these fragrances are being obtained by plants, some fragrances are being obtained from animals. Same is the Musk of Musk Deer! Once when I had gone to the other city there came a vendor selling perfumes (attar / ittar). While speaking he said that he is having Deer Musk with him. He took out something from his Zola bag and showed us by opening his fist. In his hands there was a hairy ball looking like hairs of animals. He immediately closed his fist and turned his hand into the air. A fragrance spread in the air. Whether the Musk he had shown was original or duplicate, knows only he himself! But the fragrance of that thing was spread in the air.

     Perfumes (attar / ittar) are made by using these different fragrances. The attar of Spanish Cherry (Bakuli) is having mild fragrance, but the attars of Screw Pine (Kevada), Coral Jasmine (Prajakta / Paarijat), Khus, Sandalwood are having strongly spreading fragrances. When I was ten years old, once I was going with my cousins on the road. While going through that road seen a pavilion next from a school, on that entire road. It was not only the pavilion erected on road, but the red cloth was laid down like a carpet on that whole road up to the other end of that pavilion. There was a fountain erected in the middle of the road, at the start of the pavilion. We all children stood there in front of that fountain for some time and held our hands in front of that fountain, so that the splashes of fountain will fall on our hands. Then while wiping off the wet hands we noticed that it was a fountain of attar. Then what, we directly held our hands in the water of that fountain and went ahead with fragrant hands.
     The fragrance which I liked the most from all these fragrances is that of fresh oxygenated water! When the water is coming with the speed in water tank of building, at the same time it is pumped up in the water tank on terrace, in this process the oxygen is dissolved in water naturally. When the tap in home is turned on and at that time the oxygenated water from the tank on the terrace started to come down, then that water is immediately having the fresh smell of oxygen. Just by that smell mind becomes fresh and energetic and I gather it up in my mind.

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