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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Glory of Nature

Tuesday, day of 27th September 2011, morning time..... it was about 9' O clock, mother was doing something in gallery. Suddenly she called me and said, that "There is somewhat different infestation on Lily's leaf, just see if it has to be removed." So I went into the gallery and saw, that a leaf of Lily was peeping outside the grill, and beneath it was spread a long spider web.... there were very tiny white spots on that web, some spots were also on the lower side of leaf... those spots were clearly moving. I observed it carefully and said to my mother, "Hey, these are spider babies. These might have been hatched from their eggs just now, because when I removed dried leaves from nearby plant at Seven this morning, I didn't see anything there except the web."

Again I observed that web carefully, but I didn't saw the Female Spider there. The babies were many in number, more than about two hundred fifty to three hundred. The whitish coloured babies were very small in size having the diameter less than 1m.m. The babies were in hurry for going away from that web. In short time these babies would have been vanished from the web. Though hardly two or three babies grow up completely and turned up in their adult stage out of so many babies, other babies die prematurely by being prey for the predator.

I was seeing for first time, the spider babies hatched and in such a large number. So I came taking mobile with me to take their photograph, but the photo was not coming clearly in mobile. My digital camera was not used in many days, so it's cells were not charged. But the other cells having low voltage were just charged, I put it in the camera and saw that the camera was started working. Then I took photos of those babies using macro lens. As those babies were moving very fast the photos are not taken as clearly as I expected, but this biological incident was noted in my camera.

Three days after it at the date of 30th, during afternoon suddenly I looked out of window. A bird of size somewhat larger than sparrow, having green back, and red spot on his head was sat on the branch of tree just in front of me and was eating the bark from wood cavity. I was seeing that bird for first time. This time camera was beside me and it's cells were also charged and already put in the camera. I took up the camera and slowly went near the window. Still that bird was sat there with ease. As I don't have telephoto lens for my camera, I set for the mode of landscape in camera and took photos of that bird from inside of the net of window. Though exposure is quite more in photos, the bird is looking clearly. I was guessing that it must be a Coppersmith Barbet / Crimson-breasted Barbet / Coppersmith (Megalaima haemacephala indica) bird, then after searching on internet it was confirmed. This bird is always coming on our Cluster fig tree (Ficus racemosa), but it never came into sight clearly from behind very high branches; only the red spot on its breast was coming into the sight and I was thinking that it might be the Red-vented Bulbul. This is how I got acquainted with Crimson-breasted Barbet who was giving quick glimpses for so many days.

Now every day I see if Crimson-breasted Barbet is seen again, but at the evening of 2nd October when I was looking out of the window as usual, came a bird and sat on Canna flower. That bird was slender and more longer in comparison with sparrow. That bird having down curved bill, blackish-purplish back and yellowish-whitish breast was the Purple-rumped Sunbird (Leptocoma zeylonica) and it was eating the nectar from the Canna flower. Fortunately it's one photo was also captured in my camera. Even Sunbird was also came for first time in our surroundings.

Some years back trees were planted on the sides of roads in our surroundings on the behalf of Municipal Corporation. Those trees are now grown up well. Now the number of birds in our surroundings is increased due to those trees, but now the birds like Crimson-breasted Barbet and Sunbird etc. are also showing up. The Crimson-breasted Barbet is now living in wood cavity on the branch that is just in front of our window. Just now the rainy season is over; the temperature is quite hot. The insects like Butterflies, Dragonflies etc. are looking in much amount. Now I am waiting eagerly if any new bird might show up with all these.


  1. very well described the whole incidence of nature :)best wishes of the post and as well as the advances wishes of vijay dashmi (dashera) :)

  2. Thank you and wishing you the same :)
    Welcome to my blog and thanks for your comment!

  3. great Deoyani..!!
    सुंदर.. छान लिहितेस..!! आवडला लेख...!!!

  4. सुंदर.. छान लिहितेस..!! आवडला लेख...!!!

  5. Interesting observations and nice pictures. Now you should be ready with the camera 24X7 because it seems that you 'see' things!

  6. @ Vinodji,
    Thank you for comment!

  7. @ Savitaa (aativas)
    Thank you, I was lucky, that it was captured in my camera; but most of the times when I am ready with my camera, I hardly get the things I am expecting.