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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Shimla, Kullu, Manali trip – Part 9

We had decided to go out for Delhi sight seeing at nine thirty in the morning. But at early morning we changed our plan and decided to go out earlier to see Akshardham temple from it’s outside. We were going there by Metro railway. We went walking to the Metro railway station. There we got plastic coupons as the tickets. That coupon was only for single journey. Return tickets are not sold there. There were simple stairs and escalators for going up. Next to it we had to go through metal detector and scan our bags in scanner. Once it was done, then we had to keep our coupon on the machine placed in front. The small iron doors of the machines get opened for some seconds when coupon is kept on machine. Then taking the coupon with us we had to go in. We had to keep the coupon carefully till the travel was over. There were no benches on platform to sit. But there was not much rush of people.

The Metro railway came in short time. We were thinking that there will not be much rush in train, but we were shocked to see the rush in train. We left that train in the doubt, whether all of us could climb in that train or not. There was rush in train, but people were in no hurry of climbing in or getting down. We were assured after guessing that all of us will climb in the train before the automatic doors of train will get closed. The next train came, there was also rush in that train, but we all climbed in that train neatly. It was announced on the speakers of train that, which will be the next station and doors from which side will be opened for it. Apart from it route of train and names of stations were given on the upper side of the door. The red lights were glimmering on the names of stations which were crossed earlier. The green light was glimmering on the name of station which was coming next. People were getting down very leisurely after the station was coming. Like in Mumbai people were in no hurry of getting down before the station was coming. We got down at Akshardham station.

There was again that machine in front of us while going out of the station. Now we had to keep our coupon on the machine and then put it in the slot of machine after the door was opened and immediately came out of that door. If it was messed up, then it was not possible to come out of the station without the help of railway staff. Finally we all came out of the station. Akshardham temple is near from there. We went there walking and just saw that temple from outside. We heard that it takes about four hours to see the Akshardham temple from inside. It was seeming from outside how magnificent the surroundings of Akshardham temple was. From there we came to the hotel by again traveling in Metro railway and left the hotel taking our luggage with us.

Our bus driver left us in the surroundings of Red Fort near Chandani Chowk. We were much hungry now as we hadn’t done our breakfast at morning. So we went into the hotel. There waiter served the dishes on our table which were ordered by other people, one dish in our order was not served. Finally after talking with the manager all our dishes were served. Too much time was passed in all this fuss. From there we went to the next famous shop to purchase Petha (a sweet) and other sweets. There was much rush in that shop. So it was noon till our shopping was over. We were not wishing to visit Red Fort in hot Sunlight of the afternoon. So some of us saw the Red Fort from outside and returned in the bus. Others went to see the Red Fort from inside.

Our fellow travelers returned after watching Red Fort. Now no one wanted to stroll in Delhi in the hot afternoon. Rajdhani express was departing at four thirty p.m.. So driver told us that he will take a round of back side of Rashtrapati Bhavan, Rajpath and Bungalows of Ministers and show it to us from the bus. We were agreed. Watching all those places we came near the Bungalow 1, Safdarjung Road. Indira Gandhi was assassinated in the yard of this Bungalow. Now this Bungalow is turned up into the memorial of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. There driver stopped his bus and we went to see that memorial. Police checked our purses after going inside through metal detector. Those who had water bottles, had to keep them outside only.

At inside photos of Indira Gandhi and enlarged photos of news about her were put up on the wall. Apart from that her Sari, Chappals (shoes) and bag which she had worn on the day of her assassination were arranged in one showcase. In the next room kept the sari which was made by the thread spun by Jawaharlal Nehru himself by his hands and was given to Indiraji for her wedding and other utensils used for wedding. Next to it the Awards of Indiraji, her wardrobe, her string of Rudraksha was kept in one room for seeing.

In the next room there was a grand personal library of Rajivji. In the next room photos of Rajiv Gandhi and enlarged photos of news about him were put up on the wall. Along with it Rajivji’s pilot license and the tool box filled with different machines were also kept there. In the next room Rajivaji’s pant which was worn on the day of his assassination and torn into shreds due to bomb blast, and his boots and socks which were in quite good condition were kept in a showcase. Next to it there was bedroom of Rajiv Gandhi. After coming out of it, we saw the path where Indira Gandhi was assassinated. That path was covered with plates of glass. A cloth is placed where Indiraji was fallen down and it is covered by a big transparent glass. All this is worthy of watching at ease. But that day there was much rush, so we didn’t see it properly. And also we had to catch Rajdhani Express, so from there we went in a hurry.

From there we directly reached to the station from our bus. By going through metal detector and by scanning our luggage in scanner we started to climb the bridge. Rajdhani was stopped at platform, when we were reached at the platform. Our coach was much ahead. We searched our coach and climbed in it. After short time train was started. Our return journey was started now. Once again the cycle of late afternoon meal, tea, soup, dinner was started in Rajdhani. All of us were tired, so we slept immediately after the dinner was over. We were waiting for Mumbai after our morning breakfast was over. We were feeling the exhaustion caused by the travel. We got down at Mumbai Central station and sat in the local train to which we were used of. We felt very good. After reaching the home we were realized that the pleasant trip is now over and started our routine life.

Note - All photos of the trip can be viewed here.

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