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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Shimla, Kullu, Manali trip – Part 8

After taking rest for some time in the room of hotel we went out for dinner. In the restaurant where we had gone for dinner, we had to order it by taking coupons and people were kept waiting for the dinner standing in the queue. But the manager of that restaurant gave us seat at first. At that day five of us ordered Pavbhaji and others ordered the South Indian snacks. Taste of Pavbhaji was quite different, but good. Then all of us ordered lassi. The lassi was served in earthen pots. Lassi was also of good taste. Now we knew the reason, why there was so much rush for taking meals. From there we went into the hotel. We slept after playing cards for some time. We slept calmly in cool air as there was A.C. in the room.

The manager of hotel told us that breakfast will be served at seven o’ clock in the morning. But actually we didn’t got even the tea at eight o’ clock in the morning. The manager who was telling us, that breakfast will come now, sent our breakfast and tea at nine o’ clock in the morning. So we were late for the next travel. From there we went to the Rock Garden. Different idols of humans and animals in different shapes and some nature scenes are created in it by using different materials for it like different rocks, pieces of tiles and pieces of pots made of China clay, pieces of glass bangles etc. Artificial waterfalls made by using streams of water, use of different shapes of trees in the nature scenes, all this adds in the beauty of that garden. But one do not know immediately that where to go exactly next in this garden or how to come out of this garden. Except this there are different types of fishes in fish tank, mirrors reflecting light in different manners, games for children are also there.

From there we went to the Suguna lake in Chandigarh and only saw that lake. There is a facility of boating. But we had to go further, so we hadn’t done the boating. We went further from the lake. In the way at afternoon we went in the Food Plaza for taking lunch. All of us ordered the cutlet because only dishes like snacks and pizza were available there. Two cutlets decorated with too much potato fried chips in the dish were served in front. A cutlet was bigger in size than the ordinary two cutlets. All of us finished their cutlets, but the potato fried chips without salt were not finished soon. After finishing the meal our travel was started in the direction of Kurukshetra.

There is a railway station in the name of Kurukshetra, also there is Kurukshetra University. But the area is too big where the battle between Kauravas and Pandavas was fought actually, and all the spots of that battle are spread at various places in the Kurukshetra district. On most part of this ancient battlefield now the city is built up and on some part fields are spread except the part on which temples are built up. There are big lakes at various places in this plain land of Kurukshetra. This plain place might be selected as battlefield for the provision of drinking water for soldiers and animals in the eighteen akshauhini military. (One akshauhini is 21,870 chariots that is ratha, 21,870 elephants, 65,610 cavalary that is horsemen and 1,09,350 infantry.) In this land some other places of pilgrimage are also there other than the places of battlefield.

We saw first the place of “Jyotisar” where Shrikrishna gave his counsel of Bhagavad-geeta to Arjuna. Here is also a lake, and an ancient Banyan tree. The idol of Shrikrishna giving counsel to Arjuna in a chariot (ratha) is kept here. Also there are small temples of Saraswati, Shiva, Hanuman etc. nearby. At ancient time there was a temple made up of stones. It was destroyed in Muslim invasion. A broken piece of pillar from that temple is kept under the Banyan tree. From there we went to the place named as “Bhishma kund.” Bhishma was thirsty when he was fallen down on bed of arrows and he asked for water. At that time Arjuna hit his arrow in the soil to quench Bhishma’s thirst, and a trickle of water was gushed up at that place. That trickle of water quenched the thirst of Bhishma and a lake was formed there. Now there are small temples on the bank of that lake, there is a idol of Bhishma lying on bed of arrows in one of the temple. Some incidents in the life of Kauravas and Pandavas are formed there by erecting the idols. There is a tall idol of Hanuman nearby. In the shops the parts of battle from the serial of Mahabharata were shown on T.V. at both these places.

From there we went to the place named as “Brahma Sarovar” (a lake). After the battle was over, the after death rituals of the died soldiers had to be performed. There is a legend that for that ritual Shrikrishna created this lake using his Sudarshan Chakra. Here Udhishthira performed after death rituals of all the dead soldiers and freed their souls. This lake is very big. It is people’s belief that all sins of a person are washed up after bathing here. So here is much rush of people on the special occasions of Kumbh mela, Solar eclipse etc. Here the stairs of lake (ghat) and other buildings in the surroundings are built well. After watching Brahma Sarovar we went to Delhi. In the way we had a glimpse of “Kalpana Chawla Planetarium” at Karnal. But we didn’t had the time to see it, so we went further without watching it.

It was night when we reached in Delhi city. The banquet halls in Delhi are now moved out of the Delhi city. It was seeming that at each hall creative decoration and lighting was done. We had decided to see India gate first after we reached in Delhi. There was rush of people even after nine thirty p.m. in the surrounding of India Gate. India gate was shining in the glare of spotlights. After watching India Gate we went towards hotel. In the surroundings of small lanes and alleys the driver was not getting that hotel. The call was not received at hotel’s phone. Finally we got that hotel. We checked into the hotel at eleven thirty p.m.. We were thinking that now the dining facility will not be available, but the manager told us that dinner is ready and he will send it at room. Dinner was simple but good. There was A.C. in the room, so we didn’t feeling hot.

There was a long list of hotel’s rules pasted on the door of the room. “Do not wash clothes in the Bathroom, Do not keep clothes for drying in the room, It is mandatory to note on hotel’s register if any guest arrives on your room, If the guest is sleeping in your room then extra charges will be charged for it, If there is a complaint of trouble causing due to your misbehavior from any other passengers, then you will be expelled out from this hotel,” etc. by reading those rules we were feeling entertained and we also got the idea about Delhi’s work culture. It was late for sleeping, the clock was already stricken to twelve thirty a.m.. But due to A.C. we slept well.

Note - All photos of the trip can be viewed here.

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