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Monday, May 30, 2011

Shimla, Kullu, Manali trip – Part 1

In last few years due to some problems, we hadn’t gone for travelling anywhere except visiting to our relatives for some reasons. So a curiosity mixed with anxiety was gathered in the mind, when a ten days Shimla, Kullu, Manali trip from 9th May to 18th May was arranged this year. It was us and our relatives, total ten of us from three families, were going for the trip.

I was doubtful about my injured knee, whether it will be concomitant with me, but my doctor advised me to go for trip without any worry by using “knee cap” and all of us started to be prepared for trip. We packed our bags along with clothes, sweaters, shawls and first aid medicines and reached at Mumbai Central station on the afternoon of 9th. We settled in the Rajdhani Express departing at 4.30 p.m. afternoon.

Railway staff gave each of us, one bottle of mineral water in short time after departure of Rajdhani Express. After it we got the paper to read. Then each of us got napkin and behind it came their late afternoon meal. Bread, butter, Jam, Samosa, Tomato Ketchup, Soft drink along with Mukhshuddhi (fennel) was it’s full menu. We were not able to open up Tomato ketchup’s packet out of it, then came out the scissor from the baggage; It was a prelude that every thing taken for, if it will be needed will be of use to us.

Tea came immediately, after the late afternoon meal was over. Then soon after the short time has passed, came Tomato Soup, Butter and Bread sticks which were given before dinner at evening. In a short time after tasting it, dinner was served at 9.30 p.m. The tray came in front of us, filled with Dal Fry, Jira Rice, Matar Paneer, Roti, Pickle, Curd, Salad, but now we do not had the wish to eat much. After the dinner was over, immediately Ice cream was served.

It was not known how the time was passed in all that. No separate time pass was done to pass the time. Most of the travelers lied down their births and were ready to sleep after the dinner. But we were playing cards for some time, because six of us got a separate compartment for ourselves. Most of the card games were now forgotten, but we were playing trying to remember it. At last we were ready to sleep at eleven.

At night we didn’t got calm sleep, but still we slept good. All woke up at morning till five thirty to six a.m.. Tea was served till we brushed up and got paper to read. Then after some time the morning breakfast was served which was consisting of Bread, butter, Jam, Cutlet, Tomato Ketchup, Soft drink along with Mukhshuddhi (fennel). After it again tea was served. Then merely started the Railway staff’s hurry for collecting the napkins, pillows, bedcovers, blankets which were given to us. We also sat all prepared.

Now all our attention was attracted towards the view seeing out of the window. Crops were looking ripened on the plain land which was spread afar. Grain stores made up of cow dung cake were seen in between in the fields. A canal was seeming flowing somewhere. At one place we caught a glimpse of two three peacocks sat on a tree near a canal. Houses with plain top were looking when any village came near. The walls were not plastered with cement because the raining is much less there. Walls of houses were seemed to be made up of only bricks.

Big buildings were seemed around when Delhi came near. Local train of Delhi was also seemed. At last our Rajdhani Express stopped at Delhi by crossing every station and we got down at Delhi on eight thirty a.m.. To travel next from Delhi we decided a twelve sitter bus. Bus driver was to stop with bus outside Delhi station. He was called accordingly. According to driver’s suggestion, we came down by bridge out of Delhi station and sensed the stroke of hot Sunlight.

Note - All photos of the trip can be viewed here.

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